Angkor Enduro Dirt Bike Tours likes to keep our customers happy. One thing that can spoil a trip out is a breakdown. To minimise this from happening we keep all our motorbikes in A1 condition. We service them every day and our mechanics are on hand in Siem Reap to make sure they are ready for the trails.

Dirt Bikes Angkor Enduro

Of course the breakdowns, when they happen, do not occur at Siem Reap. They occur in the field. Our guides have vast experience in fixing problems, and can put most things right. Our 4×4 which accompanies the longer tours, carries all the spares we need. We can completely strip a bike on the trailside if we have to.

In the very unlikely event there is a major problem, we tow a spare bike behind our 4×4.

Kem Bot is our chief mechanic. He is 28 years old and has 7 years experience working with dirt bikes. He has been working on tours for the past 6 years. Never fear, if anything goes wrong with the motor, Kem will do his utmost to put it right on the trail.

For our bikes we have a choice of

Yamaha 250 2011


This fun and fast bike is perfect for getting around the back roads of Cambodia. It’s powerful and reliable, what more do you need in a bike!

Add $20 to tour price to use this bike.

Yamaha 450 2010


Our Yamaha 450 is the big brother of our 250 bike. It’s got a lot more power and it’s for more experienced riders.

Add $20 to tour price to use this bike.

And for more experienced riders the KTM 350 2013

This is a great bike and one of the favourites among our riders. It’s a powerful KTM bike specially imported to trek across the rough Cambodian terrain!

Add $30 to tour price to use this bike.\

We also have 4×4 support