These are the questions we get asked most often. If you have any other questions, please see our contact page for how to get in touch (click here).

What’s included in the tour price?

♦ Your Motorbike (obviously), with all fuel.
♦ Accommodation in twin rooms in budget hotels or homestays.
♦ All safety gear and clothing.
♦ All bike maintenance.
♦ Any Temple passes or ferry tolls.
♦ English speaking guide.
♦ Mosquito nets and hammocks (if needed).
♦ Pick up and drop off from the airport or from your hotel.

What’s not included in the tour price?

♦ Meals and drinks.
♦ Personal travel and medical insurance.
♦ Visas, Flights and Transfers.
♦ Damage to bikes from falls and misuse.
♦ Emergency transport and recovery.
♦ Baggage transport and transfers.

What do you need to bring?

♦ Personal clothing – shorts or lightweight trousers, T-shirt, flip flops, underwear.
♦ Money for souvenirs and food etc.
♦ Mosquito repellent and sunscreen.
♦ A waterproof  bag is a good idea, as the tracks can get very wet.
♦ A torch, as most village accommodation does not have electricity.
♦ A sense of FUN!
♦ The trick is to travel light, and not worry about how you look, or having a clean change of clothes for each day.

What’s the accommodation like?

There’s a mix of accommodation on the multi-day tours. We either stay in budget guesthouses in the larger towns, or in remote village home accommodation. This is basic, with outside facilities and mats to lie on. Still, it’s dry, safe and it makes a break from the trail.

You say food’s not included, but what provision is made to eat?

We do not include food, since we do not know what you might like to eat or if you have ny special dietary needs.

On the single day tours, we eat at Beng Melea of Kbal Spean. The restaurants there are clean, serving Khmer food, and cater to the tourist.

On multi day tours, we try to have lunch in a restaurant. However, in many places these simply do not exist. Our guides are expert at negotiating with local villagers, and they organise to have a meal with the locals. This can be a lot of fun as well as a culinary experience! In the evenings, we are either in town, or the homestays will provide food.

Is the countryside safe?

We don’t take you anywhere that is dangerous. You might read about landmines, but we stay on well used tracks and only go into the jungle in areas that we know have been cleared. There is a slight risk from Malaria in certain areas in Cambodia so don’t forget the mosquito spray and if you feel it necessary a course of malaria tablets.

Do you supply riding gear?

We can provide all the riding gear you will need, including suit, boots, helmet and gloves. However some riders prefer their own gear and we encourage you to bring it.

What currency do I need?

Cambodia uses American Dollars in the major towns, and Cambodia Riel in the villages. You cannot get Riel outside of Cambodia, so bring dollars and change your money in town before you start.

We estimate you need around $20 per day for food, drinks and odds. Although there are ATMs in the major towns, there are very few if any on tour. Please note we ask for full payment before the tour, and we can only accept cash. So make sure you bring enough money with you.